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Mika Waltari

Secret of the Kingdom (tr)
Putnam, 1961


Marcus Manilianus leaves Rome to find his destiny as foretold to him in a vision. He arrives in Jerusalem and sees the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Marcus becomes fascinated by Jesus and his disciples; as a Roman he is an outsider to the Jews, and his interest in Jesus makes him an outsider to the Romans. For the next few months Marcus roams around Galilee and Jerusalem, meeting Mary Magdalene and many of the disciples. The reborn Jesus comes to him several times, and Marcus becomes a believer at the end. The book is well written, if a little repetitive, and is very solemn. The reader recognizes Jesus' visits long before Marcus does. However, for those interested in Jesus' resurrection, this is a fine retelling. Ruth Breindel 10/99

- Ruth Breindel, 10/1/1999

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