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Louis De Wohl (1903 - 1961)

Spear, The
Lippincott, 1955


This is the story of Cassius Longinus, a talented spearthrower, who has always wanted to do 'something really big...something important." He did. He was the centurion who pierces Christ's side with his spear. Cassius is at first an impulsive youth who believes himself to be in love with the woman who later marries Pontius Pilate, but who really loved Cassius. Cassius sells himself into slavery to pay off his father's debts after the woman rejects him and he becomes a bitter man, determined to live only so that he can have his vengeance on those who wronged his father. His story is intertwined with the story of the Jews and their factions, all responding one way or another to Rabbi Yeshua (as Jesus is called). Some of the factions believe him to be the King Messiah that the Jewish people have been waiting for and are willing to do all they can to help him; others see him as a threat and do what they can to stop him. Biblical people are fleshed out, retelling the profound effect Jesus had on the people of the day - Cassius, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Barabbas and Pilate and his wife. I recommend this book and others by de Wohl currently available from Ignatius Press: The Quiet Light (St Thomas Aquinas), The Restless Flame (St Augustine), Citadel of God (St Benedict), Lay Siege to Heaven (St Catherine of Siena) and Set All Afire (St Francis Xavier). - Anne Marie Gazzolo From The Historical Novel Review (May 1999), published by the Historical Novel Society.

- Anne Marie Gazzolo, 5/1/1999

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