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Katharine Hill

Rome Is the World
Putnam, 1951


Gaius meets, buys and frees a captured barbarian beauty who, although sold many times, remains a virgin. He loses her to a poet and a pirate. He meets a Syrian beauty and leaves her. He meets a Roman matron with no morals, rejects her and marries a sweet child. Interspersed are a poet, a philosopher and an old nurse, banquets, floods and destruction. This soap opera, however, ends well. Except for a few excesses of the 1950s (women want to be dominated; men are easily led by women) this book is a good read, along the lines of Danielle Steele. Place: Rome and some sailing from Britain to Italy Time: 135-8 AD -Ruth Breindel 8/99

- Ruth Breindel, 8/1/1999

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