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Paul Anderson

With the Eagles
Appleton, 1929


Recommended for high school; might be ok for younger readers, also. The battle scenes aren't too gory. Plot summary: Mandorix , a young Aeduan, joins Caesar's troops in Gaul. The (old-fashioned) language might discourage students from reading an otherwise well-written story, but it’s a great book for learning about the Roman army: in camp, on the march, weapons, tactics, et. al. We also learn about Caesar as a commander who inspired loyalty and about "esprit de corps"-- soldiers' camaraderie. There are some exciting moments: Mandorix (the hero) survives the massacre of Sabinus & Cotta's legions, and goes on to serve under Cicero at Samarobriva. Mandorix talks about the glory and the sorrow of war. Rosalind Harper

- Rosalind Harper Rosalind Harper , 11/23/2005

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