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Clysta Kinstler (1931 - )

Moon Under Her Feet, The
Harper & Row, 1989


From the Publisher: Narrative weaving the biblical account of Mary and Jesus, the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, and the Sumerian story of Inanna and Dumuzi to create an exotic tale of a strong, sensual woman. The author, Clysta Kinstler, clysta@pacbell.net , July 22, 1998 Origin of the book title. I was priveleged to teach Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Religion courses at American River College in Sacramento, Calif. for fifteen years. The Moon Under Her Feet is my attempt to express the richness and harmony of spiritual insights I found expressed through world myths and their evolution into a symphonic whole. Writing the book and seeing it read and appreciatiated by so many people has been a continuous blessing to me. Two mornings ago I got up just before dawn to let Annie, our Airdale in from the deck outside our bedroom where she sleeps. There in the eastern sky was the wonderful sign of the Goddess that Mari learned to watch for as a little girl, Venus, the Morning Star brilliant above the slimmest crescent moon. "...a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet." Ever since I began to write the book, I would just happen to see that sign in heavens before something significant in relation to the book or it's progress tow! ard publication would come about. I don't know why the Mother called me to awaken that morning- perhaps to write this note to you who are my readers, to thank you for your letters, and for the gift of our sharing. Blessed Be. Clysta Kinstler, Amazon.com

- Publisher, Amazon.com, 12/2/2005

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