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Norman Mailer (1923 - )

Gospel According to the Son, The


An intriguing concept. How would Jesus have written about himself and his ministry if he had been able to write his own story. Who did Jesus believe he was, and what was his purpose; did he know? Norman Mailer's 30th book has caused great controversy from outrage to admiration. Mailer says "My intent is to be neither pious nor satirical; it is instead, to make comprehensible for myself what Fulton Oursler once called "The Greatest Story Ever Told." So whilst this is an historical novel, it is actually more about an interpretation of the events depicted in the New Testament. The biblical content seems very detailed, the text both thoughtful and thought provoking. I found it to be a very interesting penetration into the heart and mind of a very human Jesus. - Towse Harrison From The Historical Novel Review (December 1998), published by the Historical Novel Society.

- Towse Harrison, 12/1/1998

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