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Og Mandino

Christ Commission, The
Lippincott and Crowell, 1980


The Christ Commission remains, I believe, one of the most historically accurate and moving novels of all time. I have been so moved by this account that I have literally given dozens of copies as gifts to family and friends. The story, generally written in first person, takes the reader back to the Holy Land and Rome at the time of Jesus. Descriptions of historical characters, settings and events are easy to envision... the author takes you to the time of Jesus and the Glory of Rome. Christ Commission tells the story of a modern day writer sent back in time in an effort to prove that Jesus was just another ordinary man. The writer finds his faith, or lack of it, tested as he travels and meets with the disciples and his associates all the while Roman soldiers are on to the fact that his identity is a sham. The last few chapters are a roller coaster of emotion leading a climax few would unravel! The final sentences leave the reader with a "Wow!" on the lips. Whether a fan of Roman or Christian history, the Christ Commission is both fun and educational. One need not to trudge through dry history to obtain a true feel of the events within the story. Each reader will finish with a deeper understanding of mid-Roman culture and a deepened faith. Reviewed by Robb Pailthorpe, Assist. Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Navy, State of Oklahoma

- Robb Pailthorpe, 12/15/2005

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