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Marjorie Holmes (1910 - )

Three From Galilee: The Young Man From Nazareth
Harper & Row, 1985


From Marjorie Holmes, one of the most beloved authors of our times, comes the stunning story you have been asking for, the inspiring sequel to her national bestseller, Two From Galilee...Three From Galilee. Rooted in her broad knowledge of the Bible and of history, Marjorie's wonderful new novel explores the "lost years" of Jesus' young manhood-a period not even mentioned in the Bible. Where did he go and what did he do between the age of twelve, when we last see him debating the elders in the temple, and the age of thirty, when he began his ministry? What were those years like for Mary? Was her son as human as his brothers? Was it possible that he, too, could fall in love? With great reverence, Marjorie Holmes employs her remarkable talent for vividly recreating characters and background to bring Jesus, his parents, brothers, sisters, and friends to sparkling life. Three From Galilee is a dramatic, deeply moving, and unforgettable story. -Amazon.com

- Amazon.com , 12/2/2005

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