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Barbara Scott

A Choice of Destinies
Baer, 1986


I can only speculate as to the past-life Melissa Scott might have enjoyed as a loyal soldier-officer in the Macedonian army of the Great Alexander, but in what is arguably her best short work, A Choice Of Destinies, the reader is certainly swept into the passion, place, and time of this remarkable man, as Ms. Scott unfolds an epic tapestry that presents Alexander and his generals with a choice they never had in Antiquity: an opportunity to embark upon the trans-Oxus campaign, or face the formidable power of the early Roman republic. An engaging read for lovers of classical studies as well as the science fiction/fantasy enthusiast, A Choice Of Destinies will fire the imaginations of all who've ever wondered what might have been if we had only chosen to zig, instead of zagging, on the slippery slope of Time. (This review also appears on Amazon.com.) - William Warrion 10/99

- William Warrion, 10/1/1999

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