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Diana L Paxson (1943 - )

Lord of Horses, The
Morrow, 1996


This is the conclusion of Paxson's treatment of the Nibelungenlied, the 13th-century epic made familiar through Richard Wagner's operas. Paxson indulges in little gratuitous deviation from the sources, and her prose style is blunt and unadorned. She does, however, bring color and dimension to her characters -- most notably Gudrun (Kriemhild in the epic), who stands at the center of the poem's plot yet is a caricature of hatred there. Here, Gudrun's motives are presented, and her Burgundian brothers become realistic, rather than ritualized. Paxson allows Gudrun to survive and come to terms (a modern idea) with her blood-guilt. Touches of shamanism, Germanic-Norse gods, and supernatural creatures are unobtrusive. Primarily, this trilogy is about people trapped by their own natures; the gods cannot help them if they will not help themselves. -Amazon.com

- Amazon.com, 12/19/2005

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