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Glenn Barnett

Zenobia, Empress of the East
Wide Awake Pr., 1994
Barnes & Noble


Zenobia, a supposed descendant of Cleopatra, at one time ruled half of the Roman Empire, three times defeated the armies of Persia, twice defeated Roman forces. When she conquered Egypt, Aurelian moved against her, eventually defeating her armies. To spare her children, she agreed to walk in his triumphal parade (according to the author). The reader learns about an Emperor who managed to hold the Empire together, his battles, frustrations, the many invasions of the Empire. Although I enjoyed reading about the life of Zenobia, this book needed more proofreading: many repeatedly misspelled Roman names. Barnett provides a map of the eastern Mediterranean at the end of book-followed by list of characters, then a list of the fictional characters. Rosalind Harper

- Rosalind Harper, 11/23/2005

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