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Marilyn Todd

Man eater
Macmillan, 1997


Tongue in cheek female super sleuth outwitting arrogant not so clever Roman males at their own game. Set in Roman times with all the Roman props and geography in place. One is never quite sure whether Claudia is the odd one out with her 20th Century thoughts and talk, or does this apply to everyone in the story? It makes interesting reading -if they’d only known then what we know now! Self-centered with an ego to match, our heroine embarks enthusiastically on her troubles/adventures from page one. Fast moving, the story line is not always apparent. This keeps you wondering, but with frustration rather than anticipation at times. Characters soon become familiar, however some seemed to spring from nowhere, which caused unnecessary confusion. Claudia Seferius and Marcus Cornelius Orbelio make a volatile, clever and strong couple. Plenty of suggestive undercurrents keep you wondering when are they actually going to get together at long last... Too many names, and long ones at that, make parts of the book hard going, but the fresh and original mixture of modern day and Roman era makes for a witty and good read. Marja Alford, From the February 1998 Reviews, published by the Historical Novel Society, Richard Lee, President.

- Marja Alford, 2/1/1998

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