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Marilyn Todd

I, Claudia : a Roman Mystery, 13 BC
Macmillan, 1995


A beautiful 24-year old endeavors to discover why her male clients are being knocked off one by one, while the ambitious aristocrat Marcus Cornelius Orbilio investigates from the official side of the street. (Setup is reminiscent of The Roman Moon Mystery.) Photography of the protagonist in ancient Roman garb makes for a unique dustcover. First in the series. Copyright (C) 1994-1998 by Richard M. Heli

- Richard M. Heli, 12/19/2005

It's not a dull life for a girl in Augustus' Rome, and Claudia craves excitement - gambling is her vice. To repay her losings and keep them from her husband's notice, she works as a free-lance S & M artist. However, her clients are being killed one by one. Claudia meets a "charming" policeman, tries to keep her unsavory past hidden and finally solves the murders - by chance rather than design. Along the way her husband and his family die, and finally she achieves wealth in her own name. Claudia reminded me of Jonathan Gash's hero Lovejoy: they both come out OK in the end, have a very British sensibility and assume they are right and others wrong. This was fun to read, but is definitely NOT for high school. - Ruth Breindel 11/99

- Ruth Breindel, 11/1/1999

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