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Alan D[ecker] McNarie

Yeshua : the Gospel of St. Thomas ; a novel
Pushcart, 1993


Winner of Pushcart's Eleventh Annual Editors' Book Award, this vivid first novel evokes in convincing detail the life and mind of St. Thomas the Doubter, the disciple who demanded to touch Jesus' wounds in his quest for belief. At the center of the Doubter's story are two questions that recreate the wonder of the gospels: What would make Jesus walk deliberately toward death? And having done so, could He walk away again? The Doubter's questions span 2,000 years to our own time. Believers and non-believers alike will respond to the complex mind of St. Thomas. Writing in prison in India at the end of his life, St. Thomas recalls his long search for faith in a series of memory visions to build a passionate portrayal of one of the most controversial times in human history - the generation after the Crucifixion before the teachings of Jesus became Christianity. -The Publisher

- The Publisher , 12/16/2005

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