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Olive Gilliam

Memoirs of Augustus, The
Vantage, 1965


HISTORICAL CHARACTERS: Octavian, Cicero, Antony, Sextus Pompey plus innumerable others. THE NARRATOR: 1st person, Octavian. TIME: 44-25 BC. STORY: troops waiting for Caesar for campaign to East, past Alexander the Great. News of Caesar’s death comes & Octavian regains his composure after gazing at his Apollo (by Phidias, from Maecenas). SETTING: all over the empire. STYLE: Terse and Augustan (Res Gestae) sounding; overflowing with name and place details. SOURCES: Gilliam has 14 pages of "Conclusion: Source Analysis and Interpretation" plus 5 pages of introductory explanation/source comment and 5 pages of notes (with chapter by chapter listing of sources) Suetonius, Plutarch (Antony), Appian, Livy, Florus, Dio, and Res Gestae, plus other smaller pieces. (Mench)

- Fred Mench, 11/27/2005

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