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Henry Winterfeld

Mystery of the Roman Ransom (tr)
Harcourt Brace, 1971
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Originally published in Germany as Caius geht ein Licht auf: Ein neues Abenteuer des römischen Schuljungen aus Caius ist ein Dummkopf and translated by Edith McCormick. Copyright (C) 1994-1998 by Richard M. Heli

- Richard M. Heli , 12/19/2005

Recommended for younger students (ther author dedicates the book to his grandson). Plot summary: The purchase of a slave for their teacher leads five Roman schoolboys into a murder plot against a senator. Good for younger students: no sex, no excessive violence; humorous, lively, realistic, boys getting into trouble. Five Roman students pool their money to give their teacher a slave for his birthday, then discover that the slave carries a secret message ordering the murder of a Roman senator. Since the father of one of the boys is a senator, this adds to the suspense. Good plot, good writing , holds the reader's interest. Students learn about the Senate and Roman daily life during the Empire indirectly, as historical details are woven into the plot. -Rosalind Harper

- Rosalind Harper , 12/19/2005

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