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Lindsey Davis

One Virgin Too Many


In 74 AD Rome, private sleuth Marcus Didius Falco feels he finally can stop taking on sleazy, low paying cases since his return from census taking in North Africa. The Emperor rewarded Marcus for his fine work overseas by naming him the Procurator of Poultry. He might actually marry Helena Justina, his girl friend and mother of his daughter, who has moved into a new home on the other side of town. However, his investigative days are far from over. A beautiful girl wants to hire Marcus to protect her from her own family who rejects the notion that she might become the next Vestal Virgin. Helena’s brother needs his help when he finds the corpse of one the Vestal Virgin selection committee members. Reluctantly Marcus begins to make inquiries even as he tries to perform his new government job of protecting the sacred geese that once saved Rome. The latest Falco Ancient Rome mystery is, like its predecessors, an excellent who-done-it amidst a fabulous look at the era. The often amusing story line is crisp, filled with action, and brings home to the audience the glory of first century Rome. Falco remains a great character while the support cast provides insight into his personality as well as vividly bringing the city-state to life. Lindsey Davis has written another winner that leaves the audience seeking the next novel in this powerful series. Reviewed by Harriet Klausner

- Harriet Klausner, 11/25/2005

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