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Stephan Grundy

Attila's treasure
Joseph, 1996


In Rhinegold, Stephan Grundy brought to life the myths that inspired Wagner's Ring Cycle--a tale of proud Viking ships, dazzling Valkyries, and roistering mead halls. Now he returns with a breathtaking new novel combining myth and history. magic and adventure. . .Attila's Treasure. From out of the icy steppes they came, the fiercest warriors the world has ever known. At their head was the wily and ferocious Attila of the Huns, and behind him lay a trail of pillage and carnage. To forge a peace with the mighty Attila, a young Burgundian prince is sent as a foster son to the merciless warlord. Here young Hagan learns the fighting arts of the Huns as he develops an uneasy relationship with his unpredictable new foster father. But it is during this first battle that Hagan learns the most important--and most dangerous--lesson of all. A gasp away from death, he discovers the pathway to the otherworld--a knowledge he must guard carefully, for it makes him a dangerous adversary of Attila himself. Bold, lyrical, replete with the timeless themes of war, brotherhood, sacrifice, and romance, Attila's Treasure is an unforgettable novel. -Amazon.com

- Amazon.com , 11/27/2005

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