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Merline Lovelace

Harlequin , 1994
Barnes & Noble


Recommended for mature adults, not students. ( Strong sexual language; a fun summer read for the teacher.) Plot summary: a Roman prefect meets and marries a Celtic princess in Britain in the time of Nero. A "Harlequin Historical" written by a woman who was in uniform for 23 years. She was inspired by a visit to Chester’s Roman fort and a walk along Hadrian's Wall. She also researched Queen Cartimandua and the Brigantes. Readers learn about (1) Romans in Britain (2) Queen Cartimandua, an ally of Rome (3) Nero (emperor at the time) (4) Roman army--camps, training, tactics, et.al. (5) Britons/Celts. Rosalind Harper

- Rosalind Harper, 12/2/2005

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