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Michael Moorcock (1939 - )

Behold the Man: a novel
Allison & Busby, 1969


Sitting at a kitchen table some time in 1966, a young writer developed an idea that would become one of the most controversial tales of the literary "New Wave." The writer was Michael Moorcock and the story was Behold the Man. Karl Glogauer has never quite fit in. His girlfriend believes in nothing. Karl is obsessed with living psychology and dead languages. His girlfriend tries to convince him to follow her lead. But what Karl seeks is a revelation. The quest leads Karl to the days of Christ. A time traveler on a most important mission. Almost two thousand years in the past Karl meets John the Baptist and goes searching for Christ. What he discovers shocks him to his core and gives his life new purpose. Behold the Man, the winner of the prestigious 1967 Nebula Award, is one of Michael Moorcock's best and most important works. This thirtieth anniversary edition is a must for any fan of fantastic fiction and is the first version to feature the author's corrections. Introduction by Jonathan Carroll New afterward by the author. Beautifully illustrated by John Picacio. The publisher, MOJO Press: Amazon.com

- The publisher, MOJO Press: Amazon.com , 12/16/2005

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