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Christoph Ransmayr

Last World, The: A Novel with an Ovidian Repertory (tr)
Grove Weidenfeld, 1990
Barnes & Noble


The Lost World is the story of a quest. When rumors of Ovid's death reach Rome, Cotta, a young admirer, goes in search of the exiled poet and his manuscript, in the remote Black Sea town of Toni. Following clues left by the poet, he finds in the rust-corroded town an ominous scene suffused with and dominated by Ovidian mythology, a transformed place where the ancient world meets the 20th century. A metaphysical thriller about exile, censorship, and the destruction of the planet, The Lost Worlds draws the reader into a universe governed by the power of mythology, a world of decay on the brink of apocalypse. -Borders

- Borders , 12/19/2005

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