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Mary Ray (1932 - )

Beyond the Desert Gate
Faber, 1977


Three brothers and their father live in Philadelphia in ancient Jordan during Titus' command of Jerusalem. On his last trip, the father had rescued a crypto-Christian from execution by the Romans. Their happy life is destroyed after their father is killed on a trading expedition. With the help of their guest, the boys split up, the oldest becoming a Roman auxiliary, the second joining the Jews in their fight against the Romans and the youngest working first as an interpreter for the Romans and then deserting to become a trader like his father. This, the third book in a series, is well written and fast-paced. The characters are well-drawn and believable, and the end, while sad, is true to the story. This is worth reading. Place: Philadelphia and surrounding country Time: 67-69 AD -Ruth Breindel 8/99

- Ruth Breindel, 8/1/1999

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