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Breakout (The Storykeepers)
(ISBN: 310202132)

Author(s): Brown, Brian (with Andrew Melrose) Pages: 62
Publisher: Zondervan Date of Publication: 1996
Reading Level: Juv: Ages 7-10 Genre:
Setting: Period: t/o Nero (Code: 7b5)
Rome Setting: Christian/Jewish/Pagan: c
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: early Christian life. Ben the baker and his wife, Helena, are Christians. Despite the Roman persecution, they take in orphaned children and tell them the stories of Jesus.... In episode 1, Cyrus the juggler is captured by Roman soldiers. Ben and the children stage a daring rescue. Meanwhile, Cyrus has to face a deadly fight with a Roman gladiator, Giganticus.
Unique Qualities:

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