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Author(s): Buckley, Priscilla Pages: 252
Publisher: Pyramid Date of Publication: 1977
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Italy Period: late Republic (Code: 5e)
Rome Setting: Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: y/3 First Person:
Subject: Supposedly based on an historic incident at the end of the Republic, with some literary license and some fictional characters. Alexis, a slave physician, is won by Quintus Lucretius Vespillo, a soldier, in a dice game. Quintus is betrothed to Turia, whose parents are murdered while Quintus, with Alexis, is visiting their home in the Campania. Quintus inherits his prospective father-in-law's estate, and a conflict develops with the relatives who had expected to be the heirs. Quintus goes off to war. Alexis is freed when he returns but is re-enslaved enroute home, but is freed again after Quintus proves he was held illegally. When Quintus gets in political trouble with Octavius for supporting the wrong side in the Civil War, and Turia's baby dies, Alexis returns to the Campania to help them. Alexis discovers the murderer of Turia's parents, and Quintus is pardoned by Octavius. (C.R. Carlson)
Unique Qualities:

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