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Love of the Foolish Angel, The

Author(s): Beauclerk (ps), Helen [de Vere] Pages: 251
Publisher: Collins Date of Publication: 1929
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Biblical Lands Period: ca. 1st cent AD (Code: 7)
Rome Setting: Christian/Jewish/Pagan: c
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Ò..the story of Tamael, an angel mistakenly cast out of heaven along with Lucifer and his crew. Now black and hideous, Tamael proves a very ineffective devil and is sent by his masters to Earth, to tempt the maiden Basilea. To do this he takes the form of a golden haired man (not unlike an angel), falls in love with Basilea, and attempts to protect her from evil, suffering much on her behalf. In the end, the two of them achieve a kind of redemption. Ò (20th-Cent. Hist. Writers, 37)
Unique Qualities: Real Name: Helen Mary Dorothea Bellingham.
Rating: Ò... possibly her most perfect [novel]. The Times Literary Supplement calles it Ôa creation of an almost flawless loveliness,Õ and it was the first choice of the then newly formed Book Society ... The tale is told in a simple, lucid, almost pellucid style, with the strength and directness of a legend.Ó (20th-Cent. Hist. Writers, 37)

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