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God Strolling In The Cool Of the Evening, A (tr)
(ISBN: 0-807122351)

Author(s): de Carvalho, Mario Pages: 272
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press Date of Publication: 1997
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Tarcisis in Lusitania (mod Portugal) Period: t/o Marcus Aurelius (Code: 8a)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: L Valerius Quintius, duumvir, tries to uphold Roman authority, but colleagues plot & Moors attack. --- In a Roman town in Portugal-to-be, a follower of Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Valerius Quintus, faces three problems: an invasion of Moors from North Africa, the rising Christian cult and his fascination with one of the Christian noblewomen. There are also tangled town politics, which hinder his effectiveness in handling the first two problems. The Christian noblewoman reminded me strongly of the one in George Bernard Shaw's 'Androcles and the Lion,' except that she is saved and Carvalho's goes to her death - the difference between philosophic comedy and tragedy. (R Breindel)
Unique Qualities: tr. Gregory Rabassa
Rating: This is the most elegant and stylistically calm book I have read which deals with the ancient world. You need to have the time to savor the style; this book demands to be read slowly. (R Breindel). See also in Authors & Reviews on-site.
Review By: Erik Burns
Review In: NYTimes,Sunday,11/23/97: In Rome, Marcus Aurelius is emperor, and in faraway Lusitania, in a city called Tarcisis, on the western edge of the Iberian peninsula in what will one day be Portugal, Lucius Valerius Quintius is his humble servant - the duumvir, or magistrate. ......The right-minded Lucius is intent on remaining a just and respected leader by upholding Roman authority, but his colleagues scheme behind his back, and the Moors descend on his vulnerable city with deadly force.....Elegant and erudite, Carvalho's novel is an absorbing study of a single man's moral code, as well as a provocative meditation on the difficulty of leading a virtuous life in an era of tumultuous change.

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