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Centurion, The

Author(s): De Hartog, Jan Pages: 286
Publisher: Harper & Row Date of Publication: 1989
Reading Level: Genre: sf/time-tr
Setting: Brit & Germany Period: 367 AD (& 1986) (Code: 9b)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: y First Person: y
Detective/Narrator: Martinus Harixma
Subject: WWII vet time-travels to anc Rome. ----'A retired ship's captain and veteran of WWII discovers that he has the ability to view scenes from the life of a 4th cent. AD centurion. The book moves back and forth between our contemporary world and the ancient Roman world as the retired captain examines his own life and determines why there is a bond between him and the centurion. A page-turner.' (Liane Houghtalin) --- 'Dutchman, Martinus Harinxma travels through Europe in search of information about certain military officers in the year 367. He gets this information mainly by dowsing. The novel plays alternately in the present time (1986) and in the year 367 (the visions of Martinus Harinxma). ' (David Lupher) ----- And from the book-jacket: "Gently prodded by his loving wife Sylvia, Martinus takes up dowsing and discovers, to his wonder and alarm, that he has a genuine gift. Soon he is following a trail of ancient ruins back in history to the darkly violent world of a fourth-century centurion. As his own and the centurion's destinies collide, Martinus confronts the nightmare that has shadowed him for years. In the wellsprings of his superconscious--or is it a ghostly reincarnation?--there lies an explanation for his actions during that fateful enounter in World War II when both the ship he commanded and the U-boat that atttacked her went down at sea and so many lives were lost."
Unique Qualities: sequel to the (not ancient)The Captain and The Commodore.

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