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Stories from Roman history (tr)

Author(s): Defrasne, Jean Pages: 256
Publisher: World publ. Date of Publication: 1966
Reading Level: YA (grades 6-8) Genre:
Setting: Rome Period: Rom Rep-early emp (esp ca. 60 BC-68 AD) (Code: 7-May)
Rome Setting: Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Reconstructed conversations of characters from Roman history illustrating the events of the times of Coriolanus, Julius Caesar, Augustus & Nero (inter alia?)
Unique Qualities: Orig pub as Récits tirés de l'histoire de Rome. Paris: Nathan, 1962. Trans by B Whelpton
Rating: Library Journal recommends it but NYTBkR (May 8, 1966) speakes of Òponderous solemnity that borders on the comicÓ. BkRevDig Nov 1966

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