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Aquiliad, The

Author(s): Somtow (ps), S. P. Pages: 256
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Date of Publication: 1983
Reading Level: Genre: alt-hist
Setting: Period: t/o Trajan (Code: 7d1)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: ÒRomans invent the steam engine during the reign of Trajan and use it to conquer Native Americans. There is a lot of basic knowledge of how the Romans operate displayed; Trajan builds statues of himself in the province of Lacotia with the title Ôpater maximus candidissimusqueÕ; temples are constructed to Jupiter Vacantancae; Parthians are fought off with the allied Sioux cavalry. It's not too deep, but very funny.Ó (Winthrop Dahl , Classics 2.6.94) --- ÒRomans discovered the steam engine and conquered the world. Farcical adventures of a Roman general in the Americas (Terra Novum [sic]) and his entanglements with time guardians.Ó (Usenet Alternate History List)
Unique Qualities: Also as The Aquiliad: Aquila in the New World. Ð 1987. Name of Author changes; Somtow or Somtau. Real Name probably Somtow Sucharitkul. SeeIsaac] Asimov's Science Fiction [Magazine]18 Jan 82 & Apr 82

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