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You with the Roses - What Are You Selling?

Author(s): Wellard, James [Howard] Pages: 319
Publisher: Huchinson Date of Publication: 1966
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Constantinople & Empire Period: t/o Justinian (Code: 9d)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Theodora, harlot to empress. --- "The Roman Empire of the sixth century - in this colourful setting, one of the most intriguing true stories ever told: the rise of the actress-harlot Theodora, after incredible hardships and humiliations, to become Empress of Rome - one of the most powerful rulers in the history of mankind. Theodora's adventures take her all over the ancient world and finally back to Constantinople, to be crowned Empress at the age of twenty in the very arena where, only four years earlier, she had danced naked in the Rites of Spring..." (back cover blurb, courtesy of Tim Friesen,Pandora's Books Ltd.)
Unique Qualities:

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