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As a Driven Leaf

Author(s): Steinberg, Milton Pages: 480
Publisher: Bobbs Date of Publication: 1940
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Palest & Antioch Period: 70- ca. 140 AD (Code: 7c1 to 7d2)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: j/p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Elisha ben Abuyah, a Jewish rabbi and philosopher, searches for truth after the fall of Jerusalem. Includes the Jewish revolt of Simon Bar Kochba against Romans under Hadrian; Rabbi Akibi a gentle Jewish Socrates, is a character.
Unique Qualities:
Rating: Main Jewish characters are historical figures and many of the incidents derive from Talmudic sources, but the author makes some changes for dramatic effect and sometimes follows interpretations that are not mainstream (judging by his author;s notes at the end). FM

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