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Story of Phaedrus, The: How We Got the Greatest Book in the World

Author(s): Hillis, Newell Dwight Pages: 311
Publisher: Macmillan Date of Publication: 1914
Reading Level: YA Genre:
Setting: Period: 1st cent AD (Code: 7)
Rome Setting: Christian/Jewish/Pagan: c
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: an imaginative recreation of the origin of the "Q" document. from the foreward: "We must assume that some noble youth went everywhither, collecting the reminiscences of shepherds, soldiers, artisans, and fishermen, and later assembled in his priceless collection bits of leather, goat-skin parchment, inscriptions on wood, and on metal, written by many hands, and in several languages, in many lands, until at last these records were brought together in a full story." His protagonist is Phaedrus, a literary slave. (from David Lupher)
Unique Qualities:

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