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Case of the Secret Assassin, The

Author(s): Richards, Kel Pages: 254
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Date of Publication: 1992
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Judaea? Period: 1st cent AD (Code: 7b3)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: c
Mystery: y First Person:
Subject: ÒSequel to ÔThe Case of the Vanishing CorpseÕ, based on the biblical ÔActs of the ApostlesÕ. Although written in a style that parodies hard-boiled detection novels, it concerns the development of the early Christian church under the guidance of St. Paul.Ó (GBiP) --- From the Foreword: ÒJust as Shakespeare performed in modern dress is still Shakespeare, so history in modern dress is still history. The Case of the Secret Assassin is history in modern dress. Despite the telephones, guns, cars and pizzas that you will find in this book, the story is inspired by a recorded historical event. The investigation is fiction, but it is based on an actual event in the middle of the first century AD in a province of the Roman Empire.Ó (citation according to Naughton)
Unique Qualities:
Rating: ÒThere is also a number of pages at the back explaining who the key players were and gives a bit of historical background. The book is good, one thing I do warn you about though. There is a reasonably strong religious presence in the book, and at times tends to moralise a little. If you can handle this, you should find it a good read.Ó (Naughton)

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