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Queen Cleopatra

Author(s): Mundy (ps), Talbot Pages: 426
Publisher: Bobbs Date of Publication: 1929
Reading Level: YA Genre:
Setting: E med? Period: c. 49-44 BC (Code: 5d)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: BkRevDig: Ò Life story of Cleopatra from early struggles for the throne to end of her love affair with Julius Caesar.Ó Greek sailor and Cleopatra (Beall?) ---ÒCleopatra is the main protagonist, but Tros' role may have expanded due to the popularity of the Adventure series. Ends with the assassination of Caesar, and Cleopatra's escape from Rome.Ó (RT Gault) ---For Tros, see Tros of Samothrace, to which this novel is a sequel
Unique Qualities: pseud. of William Lancaster Gribbon
Rating: YA Vg HzB
Review By:
Review In: BkRevDig, 1929, pp. 680-81. Many reviews cited, most postive about the interest of thge book, though some sasy he doesnÕt get the atmosphere right. One found it Òa waste of speech & a waste of timeÓ.

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