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Rich Are Different, The

Author(s): Howatch, Susan Pages:
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Date of Publication: 1977
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: NY Period: early 20th c (Code: 5d)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: y/mul
Subject: Caesar and Cleopatra transposed to 20th cent banking
Unique Qualities: modern dress
Rating: ÒIn The Rich Are Different and Sins Of The Fathers the central character of Cornelius Van Zale is based on Augustus....These 2 novels transpose the action to the world of banking and high society in the USA and England, 1922-1968; starting when Dinah Slade (Cleopatra) first meets Paul Van Zale (Caesar) and ending with the final break between Cornelius and his daughter Vicky (Julia); the perspective rotates through all of them as well as the characters of Sam Keller (Agrippa), Alicia (Livia), Steve Sullivan (Marc Antony), Scott Sullivan (Antonius), and Sebastian Foxworth (Tiberius). The transposition of personalities and events is IMHO very well done - intricate and convincing.Ó (Elena Leonoff.Melbourne, AUS)

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