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Centurions, The

Author(s): Hunter, Damion Pages: 384
Publisher: Ballantine Date of Publication: 1981
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rome, Germany Period: t/o Vespasian (Code: 7c1)
Rome Setting: y/4 Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: n
Subject: Correus & Flavius, half-brothers, sons of a Roman general, Òthrill to the shock of battle and the sweetness of love as they strive to become the greatest soldiers of the greatest age in historyÓ (dust jacket blurb)
Unique Qualities: Continued in: Barbarian Princess. There is at least one more vol, The Emperor's Games.
Rating: Ron Kinner (Usenet, 23. Feb 1996): ÒHow about HunterÕs Centurion series? CanÕt remember the titles right now but I thought they were quite nice. I meant to ask the group if anybody knew how many books were in the series altogether. I've only found three. The first one was set in Germany, the second in England, and the third in Italy.Ó Elizabeth Skeith (, rec.arts.books.hist-fiction, 23. Feb. 1996): ÒI have been cherishing my copies of these books since I first discovered them back in the Õ80s. I have never forgotten the description of the Roman legions thundering around in their hob-nailed sandals. I found only the three, to my great disgust. I had a long line of friends and colleagues (not to mention their parents) lined up waiting hopefully for me to find more.Ó

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