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Trumpets of God, The: A Lost Romance of the Time of Christ

Author(s): Bacheller, Irving Pages: 288
Publisher: Andrew Melrose Date of Publication: 1904
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Jerusalem, Antiochia, Jericho Period: ca. 30Ð70 AD (Code: 7b)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: c/j/p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: from crucifixion to siege of Jerusalem ÒA young Greek woman, Doris of Colossae, falls in love with Apollos, a Christian Jew. Apollos, already married, leaves Doris. Doris converts to Christianity and comes into contact with a number of biblical characters and events.Ó (20th-Century Romance and Historical Writers, 23). ÒThe spread of Christianity in various areas Ð Jerusalem, Antioch, Jericho Ð between 30 and 70.Ó (McGarry)
Unique Qualities:

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