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Under the Eagles

Author(s): Scarrow, Simon Pages: 256
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Date of Publication: 0
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Germany Period: 42 AD (Code: 7b4)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person: n

It is the year 42 AD, and Centurion Macro, battle-scarred and fearless, is in the heart of Germany with the Second Legion, the toughest in the Roman army. Through his connections in the Palace, Cato, a new recruit becomes newly appointed second-in-command (Optio) to Macro. He will have more to prove than most. In a bloody skirmish with local tribes, Cato gets his first chance to prove that he's more than a callow, privileged youth. As their next campaign takes them to a land of unparalleled barbarity - Britain - a special mission unfolds, thrusting Cato and Macro headlong into a conspiracy that threatens to topple the Emperor himself. (dj blurb via Kalani Codenys)

Unique Qualities:

This is the first of 7 books in this “Eagle Series.” The other books, in order, are; (2) The Eagle’s Conquest, (3) When the Eagle Hunts, (4) The Eagle and the Wolves, (5) The Eagle’s Prey, (6) The Eagle’s Prophecy, and (7) The Eagle in the Sand (scheduled for release in August, 2006). The author has several more books planned in this series.


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