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Eagle's Prey, The

Author(s): Scarrow, Simon Pages: 480
Publisher: Headline Date of Publication: 2005
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rom Brit Period: 44 AD (Code: 7b4)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: n

It is over a year since the Roman army landed on the shores of Britain. The savage warriors of the barbarian leader Caratacus continue to torment the legions. Emperor Claudius needs a victory to make his position safe. As the Romans gather on the eve of the battle they are confident that a final, decisive, blow will surely annihilate Caratacus.
But the battle does not follow the expected course and the most ruthless army in the known world prepares to inflict dreadful punishment on the very men who could bring the long campaign in Britain to a triumphant conclusion.  (dj blurb via Codenys)

Unique Qualities:

There are 6 other books in this "Eagle Series"  so far. (1) Under the Eagles (2) The Eagle’s Conquest, (3) When the Eagle Hunts, (4) The Eagle and the Wolves, (6) The Eagle’s Prophecy, and (7) The Eagle in the Sand (scheduled for release in August, 2006).


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