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Argle's Mist

Author(s): Pardoe, Margot Mary Pages: 257
Publisher: Routledge & Paul Date of Publication: 1956
Reading Level: Genre: time-travel
Setting: Brit Period: ?
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Three modern children (siblings) & their young tutor travel back in time to Celtic Britain, accompanying a wanderer who turns out to be a young prince of the Catuvellani.
Unique Qualities: US title (Funk): Curtain of Mist
Rating: ÒA rather long book, in quite fine print with unimpressive sketches as chapter headings, a glossary & a bibliography... does not immediately invite readers. We hope these superficial things deter only those who would not enjoy the book...For the real reader, who follows the adventures of the young teacher & the 3 children in this book through the Ôcurtain of mistÕ will have a fine experience.Ó MS Libby, NY Herald Tribune Bk R p14 N 24 Ô57

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