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Second Touch
(ISBN: 0842375090)

Author(s): Thoene, Bodie & Brock Pages: 300
Publisher: Tyndale Date of Publication: 0
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Judea Period: pre-Jesus (Code: 7a)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: c
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject:  Be transported once again to the dark and tumultuous times of first-century Jerusalem. Return to the story of Peniel, the no-longer-blind beggar who still longs for the connection of home and family. Meet new characters like Lily, Cantor, and Rabbi Ahava, who hold on to hope in spite of their devastating affliction of leprosy. (pub blurb via Amazon)
Unique Qualities: A.D. Chronicles 2
Rating: This book's rich and vibrant imagery will draw readers down the path to discover that we all need Yeshua's touch not only on our bodies but on our souls. (pub blurb via Amazon)

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