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Road of the Gods, The

Author(s): Paterson, Isabel M. (Bowler) Pages: 264
Publisher: Liveright Date of Publication: 1930
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Germany Period: ca 15 BC (Code: 6)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Romance just before the Roman invasion. --- "... the least conventional of Paterson's three historical novels. It is set in northeastern Europe during the reign of Octavian [sic]. She skilfully develops a detailed picture of pre-Christian culture not yet thoroughly penetrated by Roman influence. The novel closes with an impending invasion of the area by Roman forces and the sense that an ancient world is about to give way before the expansion of classical civilisation. Paterson carefully undermines the conventional view of life in Europe, before Roman military and cultural advancement, as mindless barbarism. Instead she uses plot, the romance between Hoath and Greda, to explore the possible complexity and richness of a culture and society which had evolved over centuries." (20th-Cent. Hist. Writers, 511).
Unique Qualities:

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