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Zenobia, Empress of the East
(ISBN: 0-9629405-1-8)

Author(s): Barnett, Glenn Pages: 360
Publisher: Wide Awake Pr. Date of Publication: 1994
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Palmyra Period: 270 AD (Code: 8c2)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Zenobia, from her marriage to Odenathus. --- Zenobia, a supposed descendant of Cleopatra, at one time ruled half of the Roman Empire, three times defeated the armies of Persia, twice defeated Roman forces. When she conquered Egypt, Aurelian moved against her, eventually defeating her armies. To spare her children, she agreed to walk in his triumphal parade (according to the author). The reader learns about an Emperor who managed to hold the Empire together, his battles, frustrations, the many invasions of the Empire. (Roz Harper)
Unique Qualities: Author (gbarnett@cerritos.edu) on Usenet (sci.classics) mid-Dec 1995 abt Apollonios of Tyana: "Here's the scoop on Apollonius. When the Christians became a growing force in the empire circa 220 A.D. there was a lot of interest among the people we call pagans today to say that there were alternatives in the 'totally miraculous god like figures' then the candidate put forward by the Christians. Philistratas (sp) wrote his work during this time to say to the world, "Hey our guy did neat stuff too, ya know" As a miracle worker Appolonius did have great credentials and was chronicled by other writers in antiquity but none more throughly than the Phil man. As a mark of how well he was regarded in the ancient world there is the story of the Emperor Aurelan who in about 270 A.D. was chasing the rebel queen Zenobia across Asia minor. The city of Tyana (as in Apollonius of . . .) closed its gates against him. He cursed the city, vowing that not one dog would be left alive when he stormed the walls. That night he had a dream in which Apollonius asked him to spare his city. So when the walls were breached and his soldiers were ready to fulfill their emperor dreadful vow, Aurelian said that no citizens were to be harmed only the dogs were to be killed. (Now this commercial message. For more on that story read my historical novel ZENOBIA: EMPRESS OF THE EAST. Now back to our program.) Of course we know that the Christians won out and set about obliterating the memory of the pagan gods, traditions, rituals, and rivals. So the memory of Apollonius faded. Even in our present day he is little heard of and except for the few (we happy few) who have bothered to wade through Philostratus the world would not know of him at all..."
Rating: Quality of the message cited above suggests reader not look for too much clarity in the novel. WW Press seems a vanity press. In a laterUsenet-Posting author says he is influenced by Colleen McCullough. 'Although I enjoyed reading about the life of Zenobia, this book needed more proofreading: many repeatedly misspelled Roman names.' (Roz Harper)

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