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Eagle's Conquest, The
(ISBN: 0312305346)

Author(s): Scarrow, Simon Pages: 256
Publisher: Headline/St Martins Date of Publication: 2001
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Brit Period: 43 AD (Code: 7b4)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: n

The Second Legion are faced with a new challenge; the heavily fortified crossing on the Medway. A treacherous tidal river and massive earthworks seem to present an impenetrable obstacle to Roman Army.... Cato Ð optio of the sixth century of the third cohort, must now prove that he can be trusted to lead the hard, experienced legionaries in his unit. ...Sinister forces ...are ... working to depose Emperor Claudius. A chance encounter on the misty banks of the Thames and a mysterious coded message plunge Cato and Macro into the dark world of traitors and assassins. Discredited in the eyes of their comrades and manipulated by corrupt and powerful schemers Cato and Macro become involved in a desperate race to save Claudius from the hands of a killer when the Emperor arrives to lead his army into the decisive battle against the Britons. (web blurb, adapted)

When Centurion Macro and his young subordinate, Optio Cato arrive on the shores of Britain to take part in the Emperor Claudius' invasion in AD 43, Macro knows the desperately outnumbered Roman army will be facing one of the toughest campaigns ever. Meanwhile, a sinister organization is secretly betraying the brave men of the legions. When assassination rumors coincide with the Emperor's arrival, the soldiers realize they are up against a force more ruthless than the Britons, and that time is running out if they are to prevent Claudius's glorious victory from turning to disaster. (dj blurb via Codenys)

Unique Qualities:

This is the second book in the "Eagle Series." The other books, in order, are; (1) Under the Eagles,  (3) When the Eagle Hunts, (4) The Eagle and the Wolves, (5) The Eagle’s Prey, (6) The Eagle’s Prophecy, and (7) The Eagle in the Sand (scheduled for release in August, 2006). The author has several more books planned in this series.


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