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Death of a Blue Hero
(ISBN: 0-7610-0014-3)

Author(s): Tassie, A. C. Pages: 268
Publisher: Northwest Publishing Date of Publication: 1995
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Rome Period: ca. 26 AD (Code: 7b1)
Rome Setting: y Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: y First Person: multi
Detective/Narrator: Anthus
Subject: 'Anthus, a clever and ambitious slave, uncovers festering corruption as he tracks a murderer through Tiberius Caesar's Rome. His quest takes him from noble house to back-street squalor and six more violent deaths. He unearths the killer but learns that Rome's eminence is threatened by a sinister, powerful man. Anthus knows that revealing the truth will assure his own untimely death. So he lies, leaving the unidentified murderer to be chronicled in history for a far more infamous reason.' (Author, on WWW) --- 'Anthus, ambitious slave steward of Prefect of the Watch Macro, investigates the murder of a popular chariot racer, in the course of it uncovering corruption and more murders. This unusual multiple-point-of-view mystery delves in where Graves leaves off. Set in AD 26 during the reign of Tiberius. Livia, Claudius, Sejanus and a surprise character also appear.' (Heli)
Unique Qualities: " 'Al' Tassie is a former newspaper journalist and naval officer, and a graduate of the University of Manitoba. His avocation is the study of Roman history, especially that of the late Republic and the early Empire." (Author, on WWW)
Rating: Heli: 2 of 4 Stars.

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