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Author(s): Taylor, Keith (with Rosemary Sutcliff) Pages:
Publisher: Ace Date of Publication: 1981
Reading Level: Genre: hi-fan
Setting: Brit Period: ca. 5th cent AD? (Code: 9c?)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: part of "a series of historical fantasy novels set at the time of the downfall of the Roman Empire in Britain" (Mike Ashley, in: Classical whodunnits, p. 60). --- "The main character is a travelling celtic bard, decendant of Druids and the Irish Faery Race. He may, at some time, travel to Rome. The first page talks about him fighting with Bretons against Saxon invaders, which would be post Roman involvement in Britain." (courtesy of GTucker, Seaside Book & Stamp
Unique Qualities: "Portions of this novel appeared in Fanstastic Stories, 1975, published under the pseudonym Dennis More." (Arthurian booklist). Perhaps not pertinent.

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