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Inheritors, The

Author(s): Niven, Marian Pages: 244
Publisher: Seabury Date of Publication: 1977
Reading Level: Genre:
Setting: Egypt Period: 1st cent BC (Code: 5)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person: y
Detective/Narrator: Esa, Egyptian painter and priestess
Subject: "The story of the young and gifted among the Workmen of God Ptah of Memphis who came into their inheritance too young. Egyptians thought it normal to enter in due course into their parents' professions. But through the tragic circumstances of a failed rebellion against the Macedonian-Greek conquerors, the youngest generation--artists, doctors, and rulers alike--found themselves catapulted from youth to the world of adult responsibility. Esa and her surgeon husband had to try to maintain their integrity while assimilating into the new Greek world. Their friend Taion, Great Commander of the Workmen of God, had to try to be something other than a youthful figurehead, all the while struggling between a mistaken adolescent marriage and his love for the exquisite Laodike, who is the "female of his own species." (dj blurb courtesy of Tracy McPherson)
Unique Qualities: vol 2 of Series "The Seekers". Perhaps not pertinent?

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