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Three Faces of Time

Author(s): Merwin, Samuel Jr Pages: 135
Publisher: Ace Books Date of Publication: 1955
Reading Level: Genre: alt-hist
Setting: Misenum Period: ca. 53 BC (Code: 5d)
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan: p
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: Time-travel in ancient Rome --- ÒCross and vertical time-travel adventure in a slightly different ancient Rome.Ó (Usenet Alternate History List) --- ÒPresent and future clash in a world of the past. The future earth had been devastated by atomic warfare and was searching for new lands to replace its own radioactive ruins. Through time-travel such a planet was discovered, never realizing it was the same earth some 2,000 years prior. Merwin pictures scenes where chariots roll down the streets, while at the same time, behind a secret wall crouches an ultra-modern army of flying tanks, atomic artillery,etc. Some of his character's names are: Berenice Agrippina, Gnaius Laconius & Ana Kai-Martinez. (R.C. and Elwanda Holland, Books are Everything)
Unique Qualities: Shorter version: "Journey to Misenum", in Startling Stories, August 1953.
Rating: excellent job portraying an alternate earth via the universal time-track (R.C. and Elwanda Holland, Books are Everything)

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