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Altar and the Crown, The

Author(s): Niven, Marian Pages: 407
Publisher: Seabury Date of Publication: 1971
Reading Level: YA Genre:
Setting: Egypt, Athens Period: 1st cent BC (Code: 5)
Rome Setting: Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: First Person:
Subject: Sesostris, general of the Egyptian army, becomes a priest of Maat in Memphis after the death of his barbarian wife. They were childless - or were they? The parentage of the best priest will be obvious to the reader about half-way through the book. As priest, he helps his niece, the nomarch of Memphis, and get too involved in the affairs of the Ptolemaic young princes, who range in morals from good to worse. Intrigue, deceit and torture abound. Hardly any Roman involvement. (RBreindel)
Unique Qualities: vol 1 of Series "The Seekers".
Rating: Except for the heavy Christian overly of having the Egyptian priests believe in one supreme god, this book was a good novel. I'm not overly impressed by its accuracy, and it did get somewhat maudlin in places, but it was fun to read. The characters are real and interesting. Suitable for HS and up. But the Roman material/involvement is minimal. (RBreindel)

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