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Under the Hollies

Author(s): Meynell, Laurence Walter Pages: 222
Publisher: Oxford UP Date of Publication: 1954
Reading Level: Genre: sf/time travel
Setting: Brit Period: time-travel
Rome Setting: n Christian/Jewish/Pagan:
Mystery: n First Person:
Subject: ÒWhen Tom Reid went to stay with his cousins in Devon, he discovered the field where time stood still: Street Meadow, where yesterday became to-day, and the past was alive for him to explore. Here he met Mansuetus, Centurion of XXXth, building a Roman road; Hubert de Burgh, whom Duke William sent forth to make his Domesday Book; Robert the Hunter, ever eager to stalk the fallow deer; and young Geoffrey Chaucer travelling to give thanks to St. Thomas a Becket for his deliverance from the dungeon of St. Elroy Castle. Each of Tom's three journeys into the past conjures up a vivid picture of the different ages, forming a triptych of one corner of England.Ó (OUP blurb, courtesy of Jenny McMorris, Assistant Archivist)
Unique Qualities:

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